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wooden craft shapes

All of our wooden craft shapes in place.

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2mm mdf Heart Shapes

2mm mdf Heart Shapes£0.79  -  £2.85

A light weight, thin, mdf heart shape. Great for using as embellishments, easy to decorate, a very useful and versatile shape to have in your craft box.

2mm MDF Wooden Egg Shape

2mm MDF Wooden Egg Shape£0.79  -  £24.54

These wooden egg shapes are available in 3 popular sizes and also in bulk supplies. They make great embellishments that can be added to Easter cards, or other Easter crafts.

2mm thick Mdf snowman

2mm thick Mdf snowman£1.85  -  £2.50

available in 3 sizes laser cut from 2mm thick mdf

3mm MDF rectangle key fob blanks

3mm MDF rectangle key fob blanks£1.43  -  £2.28

Rectangle key fob blanks, laser cut from 3mm mdf

Available with or without a hole

3mm MDF square cut  blank plaques

3mm MDF square cut blank plaques£0.50  -  £7.90

3mm thick square cut blank tiles for crafts and plaque making.
Make your own plaque, ready to paint and embellish.

4mm MDF
4mm mdf plaques with rounded corners

4mm mdf plaques with rounded corners£0.60  -  £8.05

Laser cut 4mm mdf plaque blanks laser cut with rounded corners Ideal for creating plaques and other crafts.


Apples£1.33  -  £3.14

3mm thick Laser cut blank of an apple shape with leaves, come in three sizes 10cm, 7cm and 5cm.
Perfect for end of year teachers gifts.


Bagpipes.£1.10  -  £1.93

These bagpipes come 2 sizes, 8cm high and 4cm high. 4mm thick plywood, laser cut craft blank perfect for your Scottish themed plaques.

Ballet shoe/slipper shape.

Ballet shoe/slipper shape.£1.32  -  £24.20

Ballet dancers will love these wood cut-outs. 2 sizes available cut from ply wood and laser etched with detail.


Barbecue.£1.05  -  £2.51

Summer? time for a bbq, great for party plaques and invations.
3 sizes of bbq are available.

Bauble Craft Shapes

Bauble Craft Shapes£0.79  -  £2.79

A versatile bauble craft shape, suitable for a variety of Christmas craft projects.
Easy to decorate, option to have hanging hole and little star cut out.

Bauble Cut Outs

Bauble Cut Outs£0.95  -  £3.50

These bauble cut outs are great for your Christmas wooden craft projects.

If you're looking to make wooden plaques, gift tags or decorations, then these baubles are perfect.

Be My Valentine Text

Be My Valentine Text£0.90  -  £29.85

Be my valentine text is a unique way to let the person you love know how much you care on valentines day. This valentine text is ready to be decorated, crafted and made personal by you.

Beer Bottle.

Beer Bottle.£1.05  -  £2.51

Party, bbq, wedding and celebrations. beer bottle shapes that are great for bestman gifts, plaques and gift tags. Three sizes available and cut from plywood 4mm thick.

Beer Glass.

Beer Glass.£1.05  -  £2.51

Crafting blanks cut in the shape of a beer style pint glass. Perfect cut outs for wedding and party plaques.


Bells£1.87  -  £3.30

Ideal bell shape for both wedding and Christmas craft projects.
These wooden blanks are available in 2 sizes.

Best Dad Script text

Best Dad Script text£0.90  -  £29.85

laser cut Text reading "Best Dad" Joined in a script font.
These plaques come in 3 sizes.
Great for Fathers day

Best Mum Script Text

Best Mum Script Text£0.90  -  £29.85

Decorate this best mum script text and let your mum know she really is the best mum ever. Made from mdf and ideal to paint, decoupage, embellish or colour in.

Bird house front.

Bird house front.£0.66  -  £3.03

Little bird house craft shape cut from 4mm Birch ply wood, They are available in 3 sizes and an option of a round hole, heart shaped hole or a plain front.


Birds.£1.05  -  £2.51

8cm, 4cm and 1.5cm laser cut from 4mm birch ply wood. Great little birds for your crafting projects.

Birthday Calendar Hanger

Birthday Calendar Hanger£3.99

A birthday calendar hanger kit is a trendy new item. Great to keep yourself to remind you of birthdays, anniversary's and special dates, or to give as a gift to someone. Easy to decorate, easy to hang and easy to add extra discs for new additions to your family.

Bride and Groom.

Bride and Groom.£1.20  -  £11.25

Here comes the Bride..... Wooden craft shape of a Bride and Groom arm in arm walking down the isle.
Come in 2 sizes 10cm and 5cm high. 3mm thick

Bulk Christmas Tree Cut Outs

Bulk Christmas Tree Cut Outs£2.49  -  £16.72

Great Christmas Tree cut outs ready to be decorated by you or your customers. Available in MDF or birch plywood and with a hanging hole option.

Bulk Pack of 100 8cm Ply wood Heart shapes.

Bulk Pack of 100 8cm Ply wood Heart shapes.£16.72

Our bulk pack of 100 8cm hearts. Enough to the busiest of crafters crafting.

Bulk Snowflake Blanks

Bulk Snowflake Blanks£2.49  -  £24.99

A selection of Snowflake Blanks available in larger quantities for you to craft and sell or supply to customers.

Bulk Supply Key Cut Outs

Bulk Supply Key Cut Outs£8.80  -  £47.30

Plywood key cut out shape. A popular wooden shape all year round, suitable for many craft ideas and available to buy, wholesale, in three sizes

Bulk Wooden Bauble Shapes

Bulk Wooden Bauble Shapes£1.58  -  £24.99

These are a selection of our wooden bauble shapes, available in packs of 50 or 100. Options include 3 sizes, hanging holes, wood type and little star cut out. Perfect for many Christmas crafts.

Butterflies - plywood

Butterflies - plywood£1.05  -  £2.51

Laser cut birch ply wood butterflies. Available in 8cm, 4cm and 1.5cm widths.


Butterfly£0.79  -  £2.28

Available in 8cm, 4cm and 1.5cm widths, 3mm thick

Cactus shapes.

Cactus shapes.£1.65  -  £3.30

Wooden cactus craft shapes. Three sizes of these blanks are available. laser cut from 4mm birch ply wood, 8cm, 4cm and 2cm high

campervan craft blank.

campervan craft blank.£1.35  -  £20.99

Laser cut birch ply wood shape with detail of the camper van, etched on the face.
Available in 3 sizes: Large 12cm, medium 8cm and small 5cm

Celtic Cross Blanks

Celtic Cross Blanks£1.05  -  £3.76

Celtic cross blanks laser cut from 4 mm birch plywood. Available in three sizes and the option of having a hanging hole.

Great for many craft projects from beginners to more experienced crafters.

Christmas Crackers.

Christmas Crackers.£1.05  -  £2.51

4mm birch ply wood, Christmas cracker craft blank.
3 sizes available. 8cm, 4cm and 2cm

Christmas owls

Christmas owls£1.10  -  £1.93

Wooden owl wearing a Santa hat. Ready for Christmas, this little owl will make a great personalised Gift tag or plaque.
4mm Birch plywood cutout available in two sizes. 8cm and 4cm.

Christmas penguins

Christmas penguins£1.10  -  £1.93

Laser cut from 4mm birch ply wood, cute penguins wearing a Santa hat. Craft cutouts to decorate yourself, create your own personalised gift tags and plaques. Two sizes available 8cm and 4cm.

Christmas Tree Blanks

Christmas Tree Blanks£0.79  -  £1.90

2mm thick MDF Christmas tree blanks. Three sizes available and with hanging hole options. Lovely smooth finish ready for you to craft.

Christmas Tree Shapes

Christmas Tree Shapes£0.95  -  £2.28

Traditional Christmas Tree Shapes in 3 mm MDF. A great shape suitable for a variety of xmas crafts.

cute sitting dog

cute sitting dog£1.05  -  £2.51

4mm birch ply wood. Ideal wooden craft shapes for making pet and animal plaques.

Daisy shapes

Daisy shapes£1.65  -  £3.30

4mm birch plywood Daisies, available in 1.5cm, 3.3cm and 6.7cm sizes.

Dog bone.

Dog bone.£0.48  -  £2.28

Dog bone shapes come in three sizes 8cm, 4cm and mini 2cm. Great for dog lead hangers and pet plaques.


Dolphins£1.05  -  £2.51

3 sizes available, cut from 4mm birch ply wood.

Double heart with ''love'' cutout

Double heart with "love" cutout£0.60  -  £11.25

A double heart shape that has the word "love" cut out across the hearts.
These craft blanks are laser cut from 4mm birch ply wood an come in 2 sizes.


Dragonfly£0.95  -  £3.42

A wooden craft shape in the style of a dragonfly, ready for you to decorate in your favourite way. Great for kids and adults, use to decorate your home, theme a childs room, or if suitably varnished, use this dragonfly shape as a garden decoration.



Duck£0.76  -  £3.14

Quack Quack. Duck shapes available in two sizes 10cm and 5cm. 3mm thick .
Great for bathroom door plaques.

Egg Blanks MDF

Egg Blanks MDF£0.95  -  £29.45

Wooden Egg Blanks, laser cut in high quality 3mm MDF. Create your own colourful wooden Easter eggs, or use as a basic shape for tags and plaques.

Electric Guitar shape

Electric Guitar shape£0.52  -  £30.80

Plywood electric guitar shapes, available with or without laser etched detail for you to craft. These are great for making music themed plaques.

Rock & Roll

Elf / Fairy Door wooden kit

Elf / Fairy Door wooden kit£1.99

Your own secret doorway to a mystical magical land of fairies and elves.

Wooden kit to decorate your self. 15.5cm high

Engraved stag head.

Engraved stag head.£1.93

The detail is laser etched onto the surface of the plywood on these 4mm ply shapes

Father Christmas face with etched detail

Father Christmas face with etched detail£0.35  -  £7.99

Father Christmas face.

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Page 1 of 3:    144 Items