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Food and drink cut-outs

From afternoon tea to a summer barbecue. We have food and drink related wooden craft shapes to suit all occasions. Laser cut from plywood or mdf and lightly sanded, they are suitable to be decorated in your preferred method. Our range are available in a variety of sizes and thickness' making them ideal for many art and craft projects.

These wooden craft shapes are great to paint, decoupage, colour in or add embellishments. They can be turned into hanging decorations, strung together to make wooden bunting which, once suitably varnished, are also great to hang outside if you're having a garden party in the summer. As they can be written on why not use them as an invitation to your barbecue? The smaller, thinner shapes are ideal to add as embellishments to cards for a food and drink lovers birthday.

If you're having a dinner party, use these shapes as a theme to decorate your table. You can use our bespoke service to have larger shapes made, decorate them, make sure you varnish them well and use them as table mats. Use them as table name cards and also write the menu on them.

However you decide to use your food or drink inspired wooden craft shape, remember, they aren't really edible, no matter how tasty they look.