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Laser cut, blank wooden Fish carp shape for craft
2mm thick MDF used to make the Fish carp cut-outs ready for crafting

Fish carp - wooden craft cut-out - 2mm MDF

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Options Available for wooden 2mm MDF Fish carp craft Shapes

Size Options

  • 20cm(w) X 9.6cm(h) (200mm X 96mm)
  • 15cm(w) X 7.2cm(h) (150mm X 72mm)
  • 12cm(w) X 5.8cm(h) (120mm X 58mm)
  • 10cm(w) X 4.8cm(h) (100mm X 48mm)
  • 8cm(w) X 3.8cm(h) (80mm X 38mm)
  • 6cm(w) X 2.9cm(h) (60mm X 29mm)
  • 4cm(w) X 1.9cm(h) (40mm X 19mm)
  • 2cm(w) X 1cm(h) (20mm X 10mm)

Pack Quantity Options

  • Pack of 5
  • Pack of 10
  • Pack of 25
  • Pack of 50
  • Pack of 75
  • Pack of 100

Style Options

  • No Hole
  • With Hole

Please feel free to get in touch if you do not see the size or pack quantity you are looking for.

Laser cut Fish carp cut-out. Ideal cut-outs for your wood craft projects. Cut in the UK from excellent quality 2mm MDF. Our blanks are perfect for making wooden signs, decoupage, painting, making your own personalised gifts, hanging decorations and gift tags

2mm Thick MDF.
This is the thinnest in our range of shapes. Its light and thin so could be used for projects where this is important to the crafter. It has the advantage of a smooth finish and offers very good value for money. Normally a little darker in colour than the 3mm MDF.

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