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3mm MDF Rabbit Craft Tags
3mm MDF Rabbit Craft Tags - 12 cm with hanging hole
3mm MDF Rabbit Craft Tags - 12 cm
3mm MDF Rabbit Craft Tags - 8 cm with hanging hole
3mm MDF Rabbit Craft Tags - 8 cm
3mm MDF Rabbit Craft Tags - 4 cm with hanging hole

Rabbit Craft Shapes 3mm mdf

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Options Available for 3mm MDF Rabbit craft Shapes

Size Options

  • 15cm(w) X 10.9cm(h) (150mm X 109mm)
  • 12cm(w) X 8.7cm(h) (120mm X 87mm)
  • 10cm(w) X 7.3cm(h) (100mm X 73mm)
  • 8cm(w) X 5.8cm(h) (80mm X 58mm)
  • 6cm(w) X 4.4cm(h) (60mm X 44mm)
  • 4cm(w) X 2.9cm(h) (40mm X 29mm)
  • 2cm(w) X 1.5cm(h) (20mm X 15mm)

Pack Quantity Options

  • Pack of 5
  • Pack of 10
  • Pack of 25
  • Pack of 50
  • Pack of 75
  • Pack of 100

Hanging holes Options

  • With Hole
  • No Hole

Please feel free to get in touch if you do not see the size or pack quantity you are looking for.

These Bunny rabbit craft shapes are cut from 3mm MDF, they have a lovely smooth finish, making them very easy to decorate and add embellishments. They are perfect for Easter crafts, turning your shapes into Easter bunnies with some bright paint, ribbon round his neck and a few mini eggs at his feet.

Our rabbit craft shapes have the option of having a hanging hole at no extra cost, if you want to hang your rabbit as a plaque or use as a tag. They are also available in bulk supplies.

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